Alpha Youth

Alpha Youth creates spaces for young people worldwide to have real and open conversations about life, faith and purpose.


Connect in person or online. Sessions usually start with a game or food.


13 sessions over 9 weeks on life, Christian faith and purpose.


You can say anything you like or nothing at all.

Coming Soon

The new Alpha Youth Series consists of 10 episodes run over 8 weeks exploring life’s real questions – made for youth by youth.

It features new experts, stories, street interviews and 8 Gen Z hosts.
All episodes are under 20 minutes.


What is Alpha Youth?

Alpha Youth is a series of interactive sessions designed to start an open and honest conversation around some of the big questions of life.  Topics at Alpha Youth include: Welcome to the Conversation, Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus die? Why do I need a relationship with God? How do I develop a relationship with God? Why does evil exist and how can I overcome it?  Alpha Youth runs worldwide, and no 2 Alpha Youths will look the same, but they typically have the same 3 main elements: eat food/play a game, watch a talk, and discuss.

Who is Alpha Youth for?

Alpha Youth was created for teenagers and young adults.

What happens at Alpha Youth?

An Alpha Youth session can run anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. At the start of the in-person or online session you will be welcomed into a friendly and safe environment.  Alpha Youth always starts with some time to connect, usually around food or you can start with a game.  After that you will watch one of the Alpha Youth Series episodes together.  Each episode centres on a particular topic and includes discussion breaks through where you can share what you think.  Discussion breaks are a space for everyone’s opinion to be heard and there is nothing that can’t be asked.  Alpha Youth is about listening to each other.

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