Leadership Conversations with Nicky Gumbel Podcast: Sandy Millar

In this episode of Conversations With Nicky Gumbel, Nicky interviews who he refers to as “the best leader he’s ever come across”- Bishop Sandy Millar.

Years of friendship and mentorship between Nicky and Sandy are evident in this honest, thought-provoking conversation — packed to the brim with humorous anecdotes and hard-won wisdom. Their lively discussion explores prioritizing family in ministry and giving oneself fully into the hands of God in wholehearted recognition that we are His. Sandy speaks about being filled with the Holy Spirit and proceeds to give practical guidance on how to develop and maintain intimacy with God.

Beyond the personal walk of a leader, their give-and-take also dives into cultivating a ministry model, inspired by John Wimber, that creates space for the Holy Spirit to move in power when His people gather. The importance of change for the sake of reaching a younger generation, the power of encouragement, and the role of the pastor are other beneficial threads pulled on in this interview, drawing to the surface moving insights from Sandy’s life of faithful service.

We hope you enjoy this conversation between Nicky & Sandy.


Show Notes

All I Want is You by Sandy Millar

Alpha Course

Sandy’s Biography

Sandy Millar is married to Annette and they have 4 grown-up children. He practiced as a barrister for ten years before being ordained and served as a Curate at Holy Trinity Brompton in London under 2 vicars before changing places with the latter one. He was Vicar there for 20 years after that and worked closely with Nicky Gumbel on Alpha before moving to three parishes in North London. During that time he was consecrated as a Bishop in Uganda. He remains an Honorary Assistant Bishop in the Dioceses of London and St Edmundsbury. He is retired and they live in Suffolk.

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