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What’s New

Learn about updates to AlphaNow which include new features, enhancements, and bug fixes

August 2022

Web Browser

New Features and Enhancements

  • Resume Broadcast Video
    • Now after you broadcast a Vimeo or YouTube video, the next time you use Broadcast Video, you have the option to resume the video from the time the last broadcast ended. This feature is great to use when you are running an Alpha Talk video series that includes breakpoints through the video to pause and discuss questions with your small group. Learn more here.
  • Screen Share
    • A new broadcast option is available called Screen Share. This feature allows any desktop host to share their entire screen, a window, or a tab (Chrome only). Screen Share is great for having worship time by playing a song and showing the lyrics, playing ice breaker games, and sharing presentations or announcements.
    • While screen sharing, the broadcast’s audio and video can be seen and heard by web participants and the broadcaster’s audio can be heard by mobile app participants. The broadcaster can share their device’s audio if they are on MacOS Chrome and share a Chrome tab or are on Windows Chrome and share their entire screen or a Chrome tab. Learn more here.
  • Data Compliance
    • As outlined in the AlphaNow Terms of Use, AlphaNow does three processes to comply with countries’ data governance policies. The processes are expiring Alphas after 6 months, anonymizing admin and host users after 6 months of inactivity, and anonymizing guest users after 6 months since the creation of the latest joined Alpha. There are new updates to inform admins of when an Alpha will expire and change what happens when an Alpha is expired. Learn more here.