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Waiting Room Overview 

When you log into your AlphaNow page, you will be able to see cards for each of the Alphas you are a part of. The Alphas You’re Hosting section of the dashboard will show the Alphas where you have been assigned as a host.  The course admin and hosts all have the ability to open the waiting room, if you wish to do so, click the Open Waiting Room button. Once the waiting room is open, click Join Waiting Room.   

waiting room overview

Once hosts join the Waiting Room, they will see an overview of each group; the number of invited participants, how many have joined so far, the status of the session and the names of other hosts.  
Hosts that are present will be displayed in green and marked with a check.    

The Start Session button will only activate once a minimum of two other participants are present in the group Waiting Room.  


Can an admin start all the small groups at once?  

  • No, the admin or hosts are only responsible for the small group they are a part of. When you start your session, it is only for your small group. Other small groups will remain in the waiting room until their respective hosts start their session.