There are more than 10 million people in prison around the world. Our vision is that every inmate will have the opportunity to explore the Christian faith through Alpha.

Prisoners often experience a sense of loss and have a hunger to find purpose and meaning in life. Alpha can give them a chance to ask life’s big questions and find out about the Christian faith in a safe, informal and friendly environment.

Alpha is currently running in more than 800 prisons, in 55 countries, all around the globe.

Emmanuel's extraordinary story of finding forgiveness in prison after the Rwandan genocide.

Donna volunteered to run Alpha in her local prison. She was amazed at how God transformed the lives of the guests.

Join us in prayer for the incredible ministry of Alpha in prisons:

  • Pray for doors to open and for Alpha to run in more prisons all over the world; Pray for the new relationships that are formed through this.
  • Pray for the team who build relationships with churches and prisons; Pray for the training.
  • Pray for the prisoners who do Alpha. Pray for openness and honesty as they go through the course and ask questions about life.
  • Pray for the volunteers who take the time to go into prisons and help run Alpha with their church.
  • Pray for the power of God to spread through the prisons and for Alpha to be a part of this.
  • Pray for the Prison Ministry Conference taking place in November.