North America

Alpha Canada has run over 2,300 Alphas in various contexts during the course of 2016 and we are praying for another 3,200 courses by the end of the year. We are currently working on having the Alpha Film Series translated into French in the next year and are excited that over 800 churches have used the Alpha Film Series in English so far. We have 11 key cities involved in the Global Alpha Campaign this year. 

Alpha USA are preparing for accelerated growth by focusing on strategic churches, cities and contexts and investing in friendship and partnership. We are praying for 30 000 churches across the country and across denominations to be running Alpha in the next 4 years – helping connect an increasingly secularised America to Jesus. We are excited to see increasing numbers of large, influential churches adopting Alpha at the core of their church life. These churches are able to help 1000s of smaller churches in their sphere of influence to also understand and run Alpha - allowing Alpha to grow from church to church. 

Prayer points

  • Praise for Kingdom Come Prayer

    • Twice a year, we host Kingdom Come Prayer: An invitation from Alpha to pray for the Church and the world. For 3 days, people all across the country concentrate their prayers to cover every moment. This January we launched our 3rd Kingdom Come Prayer and we were humbled to see 5,499 people mobilized in prayer during these three days. Please will you join us in humble adoration and great thanksgiving for all God is doing through His Church and the ways he is using Alpha to bless His work?

  • The Alpha Conference 2019

    • Our second Alpha Conference launches January 31. We long to bless the whole of the Church with this gathering, where the Holy Spirit can meet us and revive our churches, cities and nation. Please will you join us in praying for 1,600 people to attend this years conference and for the Holy Spirit to meet us powerfully during these two days? 

  • Tis the season to launch Alpha

    • All across the country, Churches are preparing to launch their winter Alphas. Please will you pray for:

      1. All the churches running an Alpha – whether it be their first time or 50th time—please pray for the Holy Spirit to bless their efforts.

      2. All the invitations church members are extending to their friends, family and community. May God give courage to those extending the invitation.

      3. All the guests coming onto Alpha—Please pray for God to remove any barriers for them attending and ask the Holy Spirit to come, bless, transform and pour out His great love on all who attend.

  • End of Year Reporting

    • Finally, would you pray for our 2018 end of year metrics and reporting? We want to honor what God is doing through Alpha in the United States and accurately report to all our churches and donors exactly what we have seen in 2018. Please will you ask for blessing on the team who collects the data and manages those reports?

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