All over the world, people will be gathering for Christmas services and Carol evenings as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Please join us in praying for:

  • The local churches everywhere hosting Christmas services for their communities.
  • Those who are attending church for the very first time or are returning for the first time in a while. Pray that they would feel welcomed and invited in.
  • All those who are leading the services and that the message they share is one of hope and compassion.
  • The invitations to try Alpha made during these services.
  • Those who find Christmas a particularly hard time. Pray that they will find comfort and peace during this season and that they would know the love of God.

24-7 Prayer have launched a new advent series called 'Selah'. The word Selah is often interpreted as to "stop" or to "pause". Following from last year’s series, we’re stopping again this Advent to be still.