Alpha Youth Series


With an increasing number of young people searching for answers and meaning as they look at the current world around them, Alpha continues to look for ways to respond to this need. As a result, Alpha has created a new series which hosts 13 25-minute interactive films to engage young people in a conversation about life, faith and God.


The Alpha Youth Series covers all the familiar Alpha topics including Who is Jesus? and How can we have faith?, and will be offered to churches, schools and youth groups as an alternative to the traditional Alpha talks. Alpha first launched a product for youth in 2013 with the Alpha Youth Film Series, which has been used to run Alpha for 13-18 year olds in 49 countries and in 19 languages – giving young people the chance to explore faith, find meaning and build community through Alpha.


The new Alpha Youth Series has been updated, rewritten and redesigned with stronger, clearer content, more dynamic visuals and motion graphics, as well as interviews, testimonies and insight from countries all around the world, making it relevant to young people everywhere.


Nicky Gumbel, pioneer of Alpha and vicar of HTB Church in London, said:


“We want to have a church that people can say to their friends, ‘Come and see,’ and be confident that they can bring their teenage friends and see what they’re doing. It’s so exciting that as a tool, the Alpha Youth Series has the potential to reach millions of young people worldwide with the message of God’s love.”

Each episode will also include discussion breaks for conversation and personal testimonies related to the theme of every episode. The first of the 13 episodes will be available for free online from 1 October 2017, with the full series available by the end of 2017. Along with the episodes there will be additional tools, guides and promotional material to help churches run the best Alpha possible.