Alpha is run in over 46 countries in Africa and in 2016, Alpha ran in almost 2,300 churches and organisations.  More than 46,000 youth in schools, universities and campuses and 11,000 prisoners in more than 200 prisons did Alpha in 2016. In total, more than 2 million people have done Alpha in Africa to date. Last year over 1,200 delegates from 17 nations came together for training, envisioning of senior church leaders and the launch of the Alpha Film Series, at our five Africa Week events in Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

Prayer points

  • Pray for the fundraising efforts of our National Alpha Office’s in Africa and that God will open doors for funding.

  • Pray for the East Africa Conference, which will take place in June and for planning, the speakers, delegates and logistics involved.

  • Pray for our recruitment in Africa and that God would call people and we’d select the right candidates as we grow our team.

  • Pray for all National Alpha Office (NAO) boards across Africa; that they will steer their NAOs in the right direction and that they will be passionate about the mission of Alpha.

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