Alpha Invitation 17/18

Millions of people have tried Alpha all around the world.
Who will you invite?


A personal invitation is the most effective way to invite someone to try Alpha.

Every year, churches across the world invite their communities to explore life, faith and meaning on Alpha. 

This year, we have created new Alpha videos, stories and resources that you can use to promote your Alpha to your community and to invite people to try Alpha.

The new invitation videos focus on the universal human need to explore. They follow six people from different countries and contexts from all around the world, all with their own story of exploration to share. 

Explore the stories, share them with your friends and invite them to join the adventure. Watch the stories >

A message from Nicky Gumbel, pioneer of Alpha and vicar of HTB Church.


What's Included?

We released the Alpha Invitation 17/18 resources in July 2017, and since then we've released NEW resouces too. They include:

  • An 'Explore More' main invitation video that ties them all together

  • A 'Who Will You Invite?' video that you could play at a church service, to encourage your congregation to invite their friends and family (download it here)

  • PowerPoint slides that you could also use at church to inform your congregation of your Alpha's details

  • Images for use on social media and WhatsApp, editable on PowerPoint 

  • NEW GIF's, videos and images for Instagram stories

  • NEW Church Leader 'Top Tips' Blogs // Written by Church leaders for Church leaders. We're releasing these weekly; read them here.

  • NEW Localised content, from countries like India, the Netherlands and China.

  • Posters, banners and postcards

  • Alpha brand and usage guidelines for editing the above materials (we recommend editing them using Adobe Acrobat Pro)

Get Involved

#1: Register your Alpha

To view, access and download all these new invitation resources, head over to Alpha Builder and find everything you need to invite people to your Alpha.



#2: Choose your Alpha product

After you've invited your friends and community to try Alpha, why not use the Alpha Film Series to run your Alpha?

The Alpha Film Series is an updated, engaging and globally-made resource designed to take people on an epic journey exploring the basics of the Christian faith. It's free to download on Alpha Builder.

The series covers all of the traditional Alpha content and is made up of fifteen episodes (each under 30 minutes), an introduction to the Alpha day or weekend, as well as specific training videos. 

Visit for more information.



#3: Find Support

Contact your National Alpha Office for more information about the Alpha Invitation 17/18, any of our Alpha products, training your team or simply how to run the best Alpha possible.