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NEW Episodes // Each new episode from the series will be released weekly every Friday on Alpha Builder and Courses. 

Social Media Assets

NEW Social Media Videos // For NAOs to use to promote the series on social media. This includes an edit of the Trailer, Facebook Cover Video, Instagram Videos, Gifs and Behind the Scenes. 

Press Release 

NEW Q&A with Ben and Jason // has now been added to the Press Pack along with the Press Release for NAOs to use to promote the series to key Print, Online or Broadcast media.

Discussion Guides

NEW Discussion Guides // To complement each episode and for churches and youth leaders to use when running Alpha using the Alpha Youth Series.

Subtitle and Transcript Files

NEW Translation FAQ and Subtitle and Transcript Files // This will be released weekly with each new episode for NAOs to use to start translating the episodes in advance of the Masters being available in January 2018.

Editable Print Assets

NEW Editable Print Assets // For NAOs to use to engage with churches who would like to include the details of their Alpha for youth. This includes posters and postcards.

Training Videos

NEW Training Videos // For churches to use to train and equip their leaders and teams to run the best Alpha possible

Early Adopters Guide 

Early Adopters Guide // Guide for NAOs to engage with key churches and youth leaders who can become early adopters for the new series. 


Church webpage // Images used here, video used here.

Inside Track newsletters // Templates for emails to churches.

Branding and Logo // Specific to the Alpha Youth Series.

'Why Run Alpha' Resources

Why Run Alpha booklet // Inspirational story-telling piece; for NAOs to engage churches with.

Why Run Alpha slides // To complement the 'Why Run Alpha' booklet; for NAO presentations to churches at training events and conferences.



Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Digital & Print Promotional Materials


Printed Booklet 

Size: A5

Roller Banners

Size: 855 x 2000mm


Size: A3


Size: A6



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