The Marriage Course in Mexico

The Marriage Course in Mexico

Its very important to ask for God’s blessing over the course; praying for his Holy Spirit to touch the couples.

Ana and Pablo Suarez are the Catholic National Directors of Alpha in Mexico. They recently hosted the Regional Alpha Catholic Conference in Mexico City and have extensively run The Marriage Course in their parish and in some of the Legionaires of Christ schools in Mexico. They have 4 children and their 2 eldest children are currently running the Alpha Youth Film Series with their university friends.

Ana and Pablo were due to run a marriage programme in their parish but felt a fresh approach was required. They discovered The Marriage Course and found the style of the course to be just what was needed:

'We decided to use The Marriage Course because is it so easy to run with the DVD and manuals for both the guests and leaders. The format also means couples have the privacy they desire and the focus on creating a special atmosphere means the couples’ reaction on the first night is always incredible. A romantic atmosphere - tables for two with candles and a flower rather than a cold lecture hall immediately puts couples at ease.

Time and time again we see many couples find new meaning in their marriage as they work on some specific areas of their relationship that require attention. We also witness the ways in which The Marriage Course can allow a couple to be touched by God, reawakening the spark that has gone out through the realities of day to day life. The course is so good that it grows through word of mouth as guests tell their friends and so on.

We have also been amazed by Alpha. The questions in the small groups always make us think in new ways. Our children are even running the Alpha Youth Film Series in our living room.

We have found that the principles at the heart of Alpha and The Marriage Course are the same. Through food, conversation and a welcoming atmosphere you make a unique space to talk about the big questions of life.

The way in which the courses work together keeps us motivated. For some couples, they need to meet with God first through Alpha before deciding to put things right in their marriage through The Marriage Course. For others, they begin with The Marriage Course and the way in which God plays such a key role in Nicky and Sila’s relationship makes them explore faith through Alpha. It’s a cyclical affect that we see time and time again.

We love being involved with Alpha and The Marriage Course. The courses have allowed us to experience Christian unity by working with Pastors and other Christian denominations that as Catholics we didn’t think was possible. Using these courses means we all share the same vision and the same boss- God!’ 


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