What is it?

The Alpha Experience Library is a collection of resources to help you understand and connect with Alpha users all around the world. 

Built out of detailed global research, the Experience Library is an ever-evolving collection of findings that explore the experiences of real Alpha users. It also contains practical tools to help you recognise the needs of your audiences, and insight on how to tailor your projects for the best possible impact.

Who is it for?

The research in the Experience Library is useful for anyone involved in serving, sharing or promoting Alpha around the globe.

What we’ve discovered affects everything we do: from how we run projects to how we spend money, from what products we make to how we communicate.

Why use it?

The research in the Experience Library helps us understand our users better and make decisions based on evidence. Engaging with the findings and tools in the library will help us:

  • Understand what our users (really) want from us
  • Make sure our decisions and actions are user-focused
  • Deliver informed changes that will make the most difference 

Any feedback?

We’re always looking to find new ways to make our research findings and data even more useful.

Please get in touch if you’ve got any ideas, insights or questions about the Alpha Experience Library.

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