North America

Alpha Canada has run over 2,300 Alphas in various contexts during the course of 2016 and we are praying for another 3,200 courses by the end of the year. We are currently working on having the Alpha Film Series translated into French in the next year and are excited that over 800 churches have used the Alpha Film Series in English so far. We have 11 key cities involved in the Global Alpha Campaign over the next year. 

Alpha USA are preparing for accelerated growth by focusing on strategic churches, cities and contexts and investing in friendship and partnership. We are praying for 30 000 churches across the country and across denominations to be running Alpha in the next 4 years – helping connect an increasingly secularised America to Jesus. We are excited to see increasing numbers of large, influential churches adopting Alpha at the core of their church life. These churches are able to help 1000s of smaller churches in their sphere of influence to also understand and run Alpha - allowing Alpha to grow from church to church. 

Prayer points

  • Pray for the Global Alpha Campaign to give potential guests the opportunity to explore the Christian faith on Alpha
  • Pray for the thousands of Alphas starting all across North America this autumn
  • Pray for the rewrite of the Youth Film Series version 2.0, for fresh vision and ideas
  • Pray for mega church mentoring events in the the USA to see more churches run with Alpha and give more people the opportunity to explore faith
  • Pray for high schools in Canada and the USA running the Alpha Youth Film Series this autumn

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