Fr. James Mallon photo 2017.jpg

Father James Mallon

Saint Benedict Parish, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"At Saint Benedict Parish, we are clear that Alpha is not just one of many programs we use, but that it is foundational to our identity as a missional and evangelizing Church. The new Alpha Film Series is perfectly suited for the post-modern mindset where guests are given permission to be authentic and real."


Father Thomas Gögele LC

Asten, Austria

"Alpha has been running in our parish for two years now, and has been a huge boost and opportunity to revive churchgoers and engage with new believers or people who are seeking. I personally love to be challenged by real questions from real people, and to discuss them in small groups. We are very excited about the Alpha Film Series and can see the fruit of the Word of God and his Holy Spirit in our parish."

Pioneer Curate and Head of Worship - Chris Sayburn2.jpg

Chris Sayburn

Pioneer Curate & New Wine Head of Worship

"The new Alpha Film Series resource has been quite incredible, especially for the early days of our plant. To know that all the resources are online, are immense quality and are free is such a relief! Previously, I would spend lots of time preparing a live talk, but the Alpha Film Series has allowed me to put my focus into giving people a brilliant welcome and building and training my new team."

Ali Dini - Bulgaria.jpg

Pastor Ali Dini


After a spell in prison, Ali now dedicates his time to working with refugees, using the Alpha Film Series translated into Farsi to support his work.  

“AFS is a great evangelistic tool and is a gift from heaven for all the people in our country.

The effectiveness of this tool for sharing faith means that we are seeing people sharing this resource extensively with their friends for them to run in their communities. 

People love to use the film series for sharing their faith with people who don’t know Christ and we believe that with the help of Alpha we can reach the whole of Iran.”




Father James Mackay - UK.jpg

Father James Mackay

Parish of Our Lady of Walsingham

"The Alpha Experience in the Parish of Our Lady of Walsingham has been one of the most transformative events in my life as a priest. It is evangelisation, pure and simple.

The content of the Alpha Film Series and its presentation has been superb. Before I embarked on the Alpha Experience, I harboured concerns over the content of the series, but now I am convinced that it is in fact the best resource out there for evangelisation in a Catholic context. 

To witness the transformation in our guests has been a joy to behold. As one parishioner put it to me: “Father, before this experience, I thought I knew what it was to be Catholic, but now I have so much more. Father, I’ve received the Holy Spirit and I just want to evangelise!”

Please run Alpha in your parish. Prepare and run it well. It will enliven the faith of so many and bring so many who were far away closer to a personal relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ."

Pastor Matt Joy.jpg

Pastor Matt Joy

Spruce Hills Community Church, Newfoundland

As a local church leader, I am constantly in search of ways to engage our city on matters of faith and community. Alpha has proven to be one of the most effective and safest ways to connect with people regardless of where they are on their faith journey.  fter walking through the new Alpha film series with our Life Groups, we experienced substantial discipleship growth and an increased passion & commitment to invite our community to the Alpha table.” 



Karen Chan, Alpha Guest


“I loved the Alpha weekend. I had questions about the Holy Spirit before I went and now I have him as a friend and helper in my life. I have truly encountered him and his presence is so real. The Alpha Film Series made it all so simple to understand."



Pastor John Cheyne

Faith Tabernacle Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Alpha is unique in its ability to support us as a local church in our mission to reach the lost and disciple leaders – and the brilliant Alpha Film Series has retooled our whole church to present the whole Gospel to our whole city.”